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Back in 2013, China became the third nation—after the United States and the Soviet Union—to land a rover on the moon. But earlier this month, China did something that no nation has ever done: land a rover on the unexplored dark side of the moon.

The touchdown of the Chinese lunar exploration craft has “opened up a new chapter in human lunar exploration,” said officials from the China National Space Administration. China is spending billions on its space program. There is even talk of a Chinese-crewed space station and a Chinese astronaut being sent to the moon.

“Who cares?” is the question I recently asked.

I don’t care, but evidently, some people do, as this response to my blog post demonstrates:

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Once again, you’re showing a blind hostility to anyone exploring the Cosmos. There’s plenty of space out there for everyone-NASA, the European Space Agency, JAXA (Japan), the Russians-if they can get their act back together, the Chinese, and even the private sector (Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumman, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, even Space X). The only reason I’m upset about the Chinese mission is that it should have been a NASA one. Luddites like you fit in this saying that space buffs are fond of: “The meek can have the Earth: The rest of us are going to the stars.” You can stay here if you like…..

For the record: I am not hostile to anyone exploring the Cosmos, the Galaxy, planets, or the far reaches of space. I do think there’s plenty of space for everyone that wants to go. I disagree that the Chinese mission should have been a NASA mission. And I am no Luddite, although I confess a fondness for…

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