Someone Says ‘Rape Culture Is a Myth’

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From The Tom Woods Letter:

OK, at this point my newsletter is getting too easy to write.

Now it’s Texas Christian University that’s gone insane.

The other day, comedian and podcaster Steven Crowder showed up on the TCU campus, put up a sign reading “‘RAPE CULTURE’ IS A MYTH: CHANGE MY MIND,” and sat down to talk to passersby.

The TCU administration went berserk.

Now look: Crowder is obviously correct that “rape culture” is a myth.

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”Rape culture,” says Wikipedia, “is a sociological concept for a setting in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality.”

To believe in “rape culture” is to believe that our society considers rape “normal.”

I’m pretty sure most people would consider that claim insane.

As it turns out, it was people on the left — the very people who would complain about “rape culture” today — who abolished capital punishment for rapists of adult women in 1977, and for rapists of children in 2008.

So in other words, it was the toughest defenders of “the patriarchy” who wanted to keep rape a capital crime, and it was the left who wanted to soften the punishment.

Go make sense of that.

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Here’s how the university responded to Crowder’s skepticism of the bizarre “rape culture” idea, which evidently is now to be believed by everyone:

“Today, Steven Crowder chose to challenge our students on a public sidewalk in front of the university. While the Constitution gives him the right to express his views, the…

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