‘Some Refugees Cheat, Lie and Abuse’

William, Defend Europa, 28 April 2018

Danish Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg has provoked outrage amongst the liberal journalist class by appearing to commit the revolutionary crime of telling the truth about “refugees”.

In a column for Danish newspaper BT, Støjberg explained that her ministry was regularly receiving information suggesting that refugees are abusing the benefits system and cheating in academic tests, presumably to get a swifter path to citizenship.

Denmark has bucked the Scandinavian trend in recent years, electing to protect its borders and strongly limit the number of immigrants and refugees the country accepts.

The brave minister also denounced those refugees who lie about their age in order to receive greater state benefits.

“We also see young people under the age of 18 who cheat their way into getting better treatment and more benefits,” she stated, emphasising that a single unaccompanied minor costs over 500,000 kroner ($80,000) per year for the state. “In fact, two thirds of those whom we later age-tested proved to be older than they originally stated.”

Denmark provoked liberal outrage at the height of the manufactured “migrant crisis” by passing a law that allowed the authorities to confiscate personal effects of refugees worth more than a thousand euros in order to help fund their upkeep.

The Folketing (Danish Parliament) also approved a motion last year that asserted Danish towns should not become majority…

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