Smearing Jeremy Corbyn

Photo by Garry Knight | CC BY 2.0

Jeremy Corbyn has for decades been a resolute opponent of the Zionist project in Palestine-Israel, and a steadfast supporter of the rights of the Palestinian people.  There are many in the Labour party who support Corbyn in this view.

Corbyn’s Labour has a clear lead in the opinion polls, and the arrival of a Corbyn-led Labour government after the next election would probably herald a sea-change in the UK’s relationship with Palestine-Israel.

This prospect has sent a shiver or two down the spines of Israel’s Zionist supporters in the UK.

The most recent controversy with regard to this issue stems from Corbyn’s opposition, via a Facebook post, to the removal in 2012 of an antisemitic mural in the East End of London, on the grounds that this was censorship of an artist.  Corbyn has since apologized for not taking into consideration the content of the mural, and said he would have supported its removal given what he found out subsequently.

In April 2016, it was revealed that the Labour MP Naz Shah had called for Israel to be “relocated” to the US and posted a message saying “the Jews are rallying”. Shah apologized, saying her comments had been “ignorant” and “antisemitic”, and was suspended by Labour, though the suspension was subsequently lifted.

Also irking these critics of Corbyn has been his refusal to support the expulsion from the Labour party of his longtime ally “Red Ken” Livingstone, the former…

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