Slow Fade-Out

There was something deeply satisfying about watching Sunday’s Academy Awards show end in unmitigated disaster. It was the perfect capper to a very bad year for our beloved Hollywood elites. Trump’s victory, Hillary’s defeat, Obama’s farewell, the GOP claiming both houses of Congress and an unprecedented number of state legislatures and governorships, and a solid conservative nominated for the Supreme Court instead of the transgendered lesbian Marxist biracial Yucatec clan mother Hillary would surely have chosen for the job.

A bad year indeed. And now, on what was supposed to be Hollywood’s biggest night, what happened? The Academy’s ransom paid to #OscarsSoWhite BLM activists was completely overshadowed by a clumsy, stupid on-air blunder. An aging left-wing icon froze on stage upon finding he’d been given the wrong envelope. He punted it to his former costar so she could take the blame (leftist chivalry!), and the resulting catastrophe totally eclipsed and sullied the Oscar win of a “gay black drug dealers in love” film that even most social justice warriors haven’t actually had the patience to sit through.

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This was supposed to be liberal Hollywood’s magical moment to slam Trump and give gold statues to black people, but instead it will forever be remembered as a mess, a failure that ended with a bunch of pampered leftist d-bags running around on stage like chickens with their heads cut off. Hollywood wanted to use Oscar night to show America (and the world) that it’s still relevant, that the opinions of the people who told you not to vote for Trump still matter. And even though the climactic flub was just a stupid mistake, wholly inconsequential in the big scheme of things, it does have import, because it made our…

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