Slandering the Not-So Radical Green New Deal: A Bipartisan Operation

 An “Accurate Translation” of the “Anti” Charge

“One commonly hears,” Noam Chomksy wrote thirteen years ago, “that carping critics [on the Left] complain about what is wrong, but do not present solutions. There is an accurate translationfor that charge: ‘they present solutions and I don’t like them.’”

Chomsky’s point was and remains well taken. The Left has long advanced an extensive list of policy recommendations to make the United States and the world more just, sustainable, and democratic:

+  the public financing of elections

+ proportional representation in elected legislative assemblies

+ abolition of the archaic Electoral College in US presidential elections

+  breaking up giant corporations and placing corporations under popular control

+ making corporate directors personally liable for company crimes

+  limiting and transforming corporate charters in accord with social and environmental needs and priorities

+ the replacement of toxic corporate agribusiness with sustainable and organic agriculture measures to ensure conservation and ecological restoration

+ the replacement of fossil fuels with alternative renewable energy

+ the introduction single payer national health insurance for all – the de-commodification of  health care

+  the development of rapid mass-transit

+ statehood for Washington DC

+  steep progressive income, wealth and business taxes

+  giant jobs programs to meet social and environmental needs

+  the…

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