Shirqat Close to Liberated; 60 Killed in Iraq

A militant rocket attack on Qayara air base left no
casualties but was tested for chemical
. One of the two initial tests given was positive for a mustard
agent, but the second was negative. The rocket fell within hundreds of yards of
U.S. troops. The soldiers sent out to locate were given decontamination
treatment and did not show any signs of poisoning.

Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari lost
a no confidence vote in Parliament over corruption allegations. Zebari,
formerly the foreign minister, took over the post two years ago when Prime
Minister Haider al-Abadi formed the new government. Considerable economic
fallout could result from his removal.

The leader of the Yazidi sect, Prince Tahseen
Saeed Ali
, assured
victims of the Islamic State that they will be welcomed home. ISIS/Daesh
captured thousands of women and children, subjecting them to slavery, rape, and
forced marriages. Although many escaped or were rescued, over three thousand
are still in custody. The offer also extends to any babies born during their

About 12 villages have been freed
during operation around Shirqat. There are reports that
Shirqat itself has been liberated, but they may be premature.

Four villages were liberated
in Anbar province.

At least 60 were killed and 19 were wounded:

In Shirqat, five
security personnel and one civilian were killed
during operations. Twelve
security personnel and three civilians were wounded
. A Daesh
military official and two aides were killed
in artillery fire. Five
Daesh guards were killed
, and 40 of their prisoners were liberated at a
jail. At least 22
more militants were killed
in fighting, but the number is likely much higher.
Several civilians reported
being lashed after waving white flags to Iraqi forces.

A bomb killed two
security personnel and wounded four
in Mashada.

militants were killed
during fighting in Kasarat.

Security personnel left four
militants dead
in Baghdadi.

Gunmen at a Rashidiya checkpoint killed
three militants

In Mosul, unidentified men killed several
guards and then burned down a Daesh publishing company.

Dozens of militants were killed
in Doulab.

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