Schools, Scams, and Scoundrels

This is wonderful news… maybe the best news of the decade. Finally the truth about college admission scams has been exposed. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Corruption extends from K – 12 through Graduate School.

I have waited since 1942 for this. In 1942 I was five years old living with my parents in Philadelphia. My Father was employed by Bendix Aviation. Every night at the supper table my Dad would talk about how he had been called on to train and instruct the graduate engineers. The engineers were paid much more than my Dad. They had degrees but were sometimes clueless.  My father had to quit school in the second grade to go to work. He is the most brilliant man I have ever known. He became self-educated. He never went to high school. He never received any diplomas. He never had an opportunity to go to college. He never was awarded any degrees.

After the war ended, we moved back to upstate Pennsylvania and my Father re-opened his business. He often received phone calls from the large auto manufacturers in Detroit. When they had a problem that their engineers could not solve, they called my Dad. One evening over the supper table, Dad announced that he was getting a lathe. That way he could make the parts that they didn’t know how to make in Detroit and he would send them to the car companies.

As years passed, I learned that the corruption in the education business was even worse than I had imagined. In 1957, I was in my first year of teaching in a school…

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