Schools, Libraries, Town Hall, Clinics and over 500 Vehicles Torched

The sale of jerry cans, gasoline and fireworks were banned in Nantes, France, after thousands of nonwhites attacked the city center, burning down over a dozen buildings—including schools and libraries—and torched over 500 vehicles after an accidental police shooting killed a North African resisting arrest earlier this week.

According to French media, the ban on the sale of jerry cans, gasoline and fireworks will be in force until July 13.

“The prefect of Loire-Atlantique has signed two orders to prevent the risk of disturbances to public order in the agglomeration of Nantes, caused by the use of fuel and fireworks,” reports said.

The first order concerns the purchase and transportation of fuel and states that the “purchase and retail sale, removal or transportation of any fuel, jerry cans, containers, cans, flasks or other assorted containers are prohibited in all distribution points located in all municipalities of Nantes metropolis with the exception of products specifically intended for the supply of individual heaters.”

The second order concerns fireworks. Until July 13, “any sale or sale of fireworks of any kind” is prohibited.

The nonwhite rioters—consisting of blacks and north Africans—have been attacking the city every night since the shooting, which occurred when a French policeman accidentally discharged his firearm during a brawl with the North African, named as Aboubakar Fofana.

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