Sanders has ‘every chance’ to win, Clinton may stumble

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has “every chance” to beat his rival, Hillary Clinton, and be nominated by the party, an analyst says, despite the Vermont senator’s loss in four of the five states in the latest primaries.

As a “strong Sanders supporter,” the executive editor at, Rob Kall, told Press TV Wednesday that he was “sad but still hopeful.”

Apart from the state of Missouri, Clinton managed to beat Sanders in the other four, North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio, in Tuesday’s primaries.

The former secretary of state currently has 1,139 delegates while her Democratic rival holds 825.

“Sanders has every chance to win and Hillary has every chance to make mistakes or get caught in the web of problems that she has created for herself,” Kall said, referring to the former first lady’s email controversy as well as corruption in the Clinton Foundation.

He also predicted that Sanders would win the…

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