Russiagate: Tragedy, Not Farce

Drawing by Nathaniel St. Clair

The left is an uplifting space of solidarity because it is a place that keeps track of the least of us in a way the mainstream media will not. It is very hard to find anything beyond opportunism in a mainstream media who is obsessed over a non-story like Russiagate. One has to wonder though if the left has any more of a concrete connection to the working class based on the spiteful reaction to Mueller’s report.

Donald Trump will ride the momentum of a failed witch hunt by Robert Mueller. He may ride it to four more years in office. This is deeply consequential for our immigrant sisters and brothers, those surviving on ObamaCare, and those living in communities most effected by Trump’s ambitious deregulatory scheme. Millions of species will now go extinct.

Donald Trump will continue with his America First Energy Plan which really puts fossil fuel companies first. This plan not only drives the country away from renewable energy. It also endangers our air and drinking water. In the short term we will have trouble drinking and breathing. In the long term climate change will only be accelerated.

Trump is also expanding oil drilling and pipelines. His drilling specifically targets federal land, offshore water supplies and poor Native communities. Trump has eliminated staff that deals with pesticides, waste and toxic substances. Trump rolled back the energy and emissions standards of the Obama administration, leaving citizens in the hands of…

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