Ron Paul on Hillary’s Libya: Arab Spring Or Dark Winter?


Daniel McAdams

According to a recent New York Times series of articles, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the key Obama Administration figure arguing for a US attack on Libya back in 2011. She promised it would be a triumph of “smart power,” but with billions wasted, tens of thousands killed, and a country in ruins, it looks more like “dumb power.” Now the US and its allies are readying a new military force to go back into Libya to fight an ISIS that was not present before the US “liberation.” Score another defeat for interventionism. The full story today in the Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

  • Hank

    If I go into a theater and yell “Fire!”, and there is no fire, and the resulting stampede kills a number of people, I would be tried for manslaughter. Yet, we here in the USA have had “lades” that for years have “cooked” up intelligence reports to put fear into the American public into supporting foreign wars. This was especially so in the run-up to the Iraq invasion of 2003, where the main “justification” was that Saddam Hussein possessed and was producing weapons of mass destruction. EVERY USA intelligence branch had refuted these claims, yet the Bush administration went ahead with these false claims to the American public. Thirteen long years later the Middle East is a firestorm of competing factions. Millions have been killed and/or displaced and terrorism is running rampant. And worst of all, the lies that fuel these conflicts are STILL coming from American “leaders” and their complicit media. Now you tell me- what’s the difference between yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater, when there is none, and selling wars based on lies? There is none! All of the people and parties responsible for fueling these destructive and deadly wars should be tried for war crimes if there is any justice in this world.