Rockets Strike Iranian Dissident Camp; 135 Killed in Iraq

Camp Liberty, a former United States installation,
came under a heavy rocket
on Sunday. It is unclear if the camp or nearby Baghdad
International Airport was the intended target.
In either case, fire
has reportedly spread to the camp, which houses several thousand members of the
Iranian group Mujahedeen al-Khalq (M.E.K. or P.M.O.I.). About 40 residents were wounded.
A few Iraqi civilians were also injured
outside the camp, when mortars fell short of their goal.

The attack comes on the heels of what is being described as inhumane
towards residents there from Iraqi authorities. On June 27,
authorities began turning away supply trucks under the pretext that the
suppliers did not have the correct paperwork. Food, water, fuel, and other
necessities are no longer being allowed into the camp. As of Saturday, July 2,
sewage removal trucks were also turned away, threatening the camp with
unhygienic conditions. These accusations come from the M.E.K.’s parent
organization, the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

The Iranian group, considered a terrorist organization by
some, had been welcomed into Iraq during the Saddam Hussein administration, but
they fell out of favor after the U.S. invasion that toppled Saddam. The new
Iraqi government then wanted to deport the group back to Iran but could not as
the group was given protected status under the Geneva Conventions. Frustrated
by this, the Iraqi government has regularly waged harassment campaigns against
the group instead, including forcing them out of their former home at Camp
Ashraf in 2012. Their domicile at Camp Liberty, was intended to be a temporary
measure, while the group awaited relocation to foreign countries.

Elsewhere, the focus on displaced people has been on
camps near Fallujah. However, similar conditions await refugees fleeing
the Islamic State near Mosul. The Debaga refugee camp
near Makhmour is holding three times as many displaced as it has
capacity for, and more refugees are expected.

At least 135 were killed and 55 were wounded:

The Iraqi government announced the executions
of five people

Militants executed
three Peshmerga
in Tal Keif.

A bomb killed
two people and wounded nine more
in Latifiya.

In Abu Ghraib, a bomb killed
a militiaman and wounded four more

Gunmen in Kirkuk killed
one civilian and wounded another

A civilian
was shot dead
in Muqdadiya.

One Peshmerga
fighter was slightly injured
in clashes near Sakhara village.

In Makhoul, security forces killed
72 militants

militants were killed
in Tal Afar.

Security forces killed
18 militants
in Amiriyat al-Fallujah.

militants were killed
in Karama.

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