Roaming Charges: Straighten Up and Fly Right

Haida eagle totem pole, British Columbia. Photo: Jeffrey St. Clair.

+ Few things have made me more despairing about the future of the country than the fact that Liz Cheney is now ascendent as a political powerbroker in DC. The one thing Trump could have done to assure himself some lasting historical merit was to eradicate the Cheneys from public life. Wimp.

+ How many babies did Daddy kill, Liz?

+ Meanwhile, the Dark Lord himself unloaded on Pencebot, comparing the Trump administration’s foreign policy to the spineless Obama. (It actually more closely resembles HRC’s.)

+ Pompeo Maximus squeaks…accusing Cuba and Russia of “propping up” the Maduro government in Venezuela.

+ Retired General Anthony Tata on FoxNews: “A bullet to the forehead may be Maduro’s way out of Venezuela. We have that capability. and if we’ve removed our diplomats, that’s a real key indicator warning that we’re getting ready to tighten the screws.”

+ Pompeo also vowed this week to revoke the visas of any staff members of the International Criminal Court who are found to be investigating human rights abuses by US forces in Afghanistan.

+ With all the mewling on MSDNC about how Paul Manafort got off with a light sentence (7.5 years), you…

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