Roaming Charges: Singapore Fling

Photo by Dan Scavino Jr. | Public Domain

+ “If the United States is accommodating, the North Koreans become accommodating. If the United States is hostile, they become hostile.” –Noam Chomsky.

Complicated, right?

We can always make things more complicated, with more possibilities for fatal misunderstandings, whose terms can only be divined by priests, specialists and experts. The challenge is to make diplomacy–or property disputes (see Rand Paul)–clearer and simpler.

+ Had Obama arranged a similar meet-and-greet with Kim (as he vowed to during the 2008 campaign), the Republicans would have likely initiated impeachment proceedings and Hillary might have plotted a White House coup. It’s a measure of his lack of moral spine that didn’t do so anyway. The Republicans, however, should be commended for their hypocrisy. Most of them didn’t let their previous violently expressed objections to any such parlay with Kim deter them from endorsing Trump’s impetuous gambit.

+ The post-Singapore dilemma for the Democrats and the Neocons: If there’s nothing to fear, how can you monger your way into power?

+ The Resistance© is in full flag worship mode today, outraged the US flag snuggled next to the North Korean flag. Will they soon be joining the Colin Kaepernick lynch mob?

+ Trump: “The World has taken a big step back from potential Nuclear catastrophe! No more rocket launches, nuclear testing or research!” Let’s not get carried away, Donald. The US…

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