Roaming Charges: Iron Fist, Tiny Hand

+ A couple of intrepid reporters with Fox and Friends ventured down to Louisiana this week to record some oral history with Trump voters and interviewed a woman at the Butter Krisp Diner in Covington who declared: “I want a president who’s going to rule with an iron fist— finally. Someboy who’s going to stand up for America.”

But what if that Iron Fist is made of a Tiny Hand?

+ The much-anticipated Pompeo Maximus hearing before the Senate showed both parties (and Pompeo) trying to be more hawkish than the other on Russia and Iran and slavish in their devotion to NATO.

+ After about 15 minutes, MSDNC broke away from the Pompeo hearing to replay the Cohen/Trump tape 15 times. Why? Perhaps because Pompeo undermined their 24/7 narrative by spending most of his time beating his chest about Russia.

+ Yemen’s not a “covert war” like Afghanistan in the early 1980s. It only seems that way because MSDNC chooses not to cover it

+ In the last year, MSDNC has done 455 segments on Stormy Daniels and none on Yemen. I’m all for Stormy Daniels, but she’d probably get the Nobel Peace Prize if she went to Yemen for the weekend so that MSDNC and CNN would cover the US-backed genocidal war going on there …


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