Roaming Charges: Flag Humpers

Flag Humpers, Las Vegas. Photo: Jeffrey St. Clair.

+ It’s now a thought-crime in DC for the powerless to speak about the power of an organization which exists to leverage its power in a town which only responds to power.

+ Palestinians are the one ethnic group that everyone has a license to hate. In fact, in the US congress, it’s almost an obligation.

+ A couple of weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi was rightly complaining about an NRA magazine article headlined “Target Practice”, accompanied by a photo of the Speaker. But she and the Democrats are putting a literal target on the back of Ilhan Omar. Where’s the outrage?

+ The scourging of Ilhan Omar by the Democratic leadership is yet one more illustration of the dangers of progressives, like Omar, Rashida Tlaib, AOC and Bernie Sanders, joining a neoliberal party that will inevitably destroy everything they profess to believe in–and perhaps even destroy them.

+ “Nobody ever gets to have the broader debate of ‘what is happening with Palestine?’”– Ilhan Omar

+ Margaret Kimberley: “Democrats don’t hate Trump at all. They assist Venezuela regime change and join in the attack on Ilhan Omar.”

+ Pelosi’s House Resolution against “hate” (ie., Ilan Omar) is conceptually a lot like the Global War on Terror…and brought to you by many of the same sponsors.

+ In fact, the “Hate (Omar) Resolution,” which passed 407-23, is worse than directly censuring Omar. A censure could only condemn Omar for what she…

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