Resistance to Human Rights

The Prime Minister has made a pledge that if re-elected, they will take steps to abolish the Human Rights Act. This is allegedly on the basis that the Act is enabling criminals and terrorists to operate freely in our society, and that the Act is preventing any progress in the domestic war on terror.

The Conservatives have a long-standing tradition of openly representing the wealthy, and have been long-time enemies of any progress being made within the concept of ‘fairness and freedom for all.’

Following the scene that played out in Europe from 1933-1945, with all its associated horrors, and the tyranny and abuses inflicted on humankind, the idea of protecting rights in Law made headway in 1948 when a Universal Declaration of Human Rights was made.

This led to the European Convention on Human Rights being conceived two years later.

Britain signed the ECHR in November 1950, and became the first state to endorse the convention the following year.

Since then the successive British governments sought to portray themselves as champions of the convention at an international level, and have committed troops, financial aid and weapons, even waged war and deposed dictators in the name of the convention and often cite human rights abuses in the media to justify their intentions.

Whilst championing the convention at an international level, Britain has been very slow in incorporating those same principles into British Law, anyone claiming Human Rights violations having to…

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