Reps. Gabbard and Jones Lead Bipartisan Resolution To End Presidential Wars

Washington, DC – Reps. Tulsi Gabbard (HI-02) and Walter Jones (NC-03) hosted a press conference today to introduce a bipartisan resolution reclaiming Congress’s constitutional right to declare war. H.Res. 922 would define presidential wars not declared by Congress as impeachable “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard said: “For decades, Congress has ceded its Constitutional responsibility of deciding whether or not to declare war, to the President. As a result, we have found ourselves in a state of perpetual war, without a declaration of war by Congress and without input from the American people. Since 9/11 alone, our country has spent trillions of dollars on interventionist regime change wars, costing the lives of many Americans, taking a toll on our veterans, and causing people in our communities to struggle and suffer due to a lack of resources. Our bipartisan resolution aims to end presidential wars, and hold Congress accountable so it does its job in making the serious and costly decision about whether or not to send our nation’s sons and daughters to war.”

“We are here today because Congress is not meeting its constitutional responsibility,” said Congressman Jones. “If Congress does not debate sending your son or daughter to fight for this country, then we don’t need a Congress anyway. Nothing is more sacred or important than sending a man or woman to die for this country.”

Bruce Fein, constitutional lawyer, said: “No war is worth fighting if the President is unable to convince a majority of House and Senate members to vote for a congressional declaration of war as required by Article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution that Members of Congress are obligated, by oath or affirmation, to defend.”

Michael Marceau, Veterans For Peace, President, DC Area Chapter, said: “Under the U.S. Constitution, it has been the duty of Congress to declare war if they deemed it necessary to do so. For more than half a century, our representatives have relinquished this very important job. This has resulted in many unnecessary military interventions all around the globe, causing untold millions of deaths and injuries, tens of millions of refugees, and destruction and environmental contamination of dozens of countries. It is time to reverse this course of action by having our members of Congress do the jobs they were elected to do. Veterans For Peace supports H.Res. 922 and urges Congress to take back its assigned responsibilities under the Constitution. We appreciate the efforts of Rep. Jones and Rep. Gabbard to introduce H.Res. 922 and urge all our members to contact their representatives to demand that they cosponsor this.”

Paul Kawika Martin, Peace Action, Senior Director, Policy and Political Affairs, said: “It’s long past time to stop permanent presidential wars and for the Executive Branch to ask for congressional authorization and for Congress to vote on war as the constitution dictates.  That’s why Peace Action…

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