Report finds majority of Australian youth favour socialism


Report finds majority of Australian youth favour socialism

Oscar Grenfell

25 June 2018

A significant report, published last week by the Centre for Independent Studies (CIS), a right-wing think-tank with close ties to the political establishment, found that the overwhelming majority of Australian “millennials”—defined as those born between 1980 and 1996—have a favourable view of socialism.

The CIS report detailing the results of a survey conducted by polling agency, YouGov Galaxy, is a worried warning to Australia’s ruling elite of a political radicalisation among young people and the threat that it poses to the capitalist system. It is headlined, “Millennials and socialism: Australian youth are lurching to the left.”

The report was co-authored by Tom Switzer, CIS executive director. In 2008, he served as a senior advisor to then federal Liberal-National leader Brendan Nelson. Switzer has since worked as a senior associate at the University of Sydney’s US Studies Centre, a think-tank funded by the US and Australian governments, and as an opinion editor for Rupert Murdoch’s national flagship, the Australian.

Respondents were asked for their “overall view of socialism.” Some 58 percent indicated a favourable view, compared to 18 percent with an unfavourable opinion. Around 23 percent said they did know enough to respond.

About 63 percent of university-educated millennials had a favourable view of socialism, the highest cohort in the survey breakdown. The CIS authors noted the trend, saying, “critics have suggested that universities are lurching to the left.” Their appeal for “more evidence-based research” of this “issue,” can only be read as a thinly-veiled call for ramped-up surveillance and political censorship on university…

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