“Remember Pearl Harbor,” “Never Forget 9/11,” “Putin Did It”

“Remember Pearl Harbor” was the mantra used to enlist the US population in the imperial war in the Pacific.  When it became obvious that the interests of the Japanese empire collided with its own, the US triumphantly successfully baited the Japanese imperial force into military conflict by squeezing Japan with a trade embargo, war propaganda and military provocations.

There were many common threads between the Japanese empire and the US empire.  Both were vehemently anti-communist, colonial and militaristic. There just couldn’t be two capitalist empires in the Pacific. The immediate US actions after the war—the war which was supposed to fight off the imperial Japanese—clearly indicate that the US was there to dominate the Pacific:  the devastating Korean War to kill off communist forces, resulted in the deaths of 1/4 of the Korean population; US colonial policies against Pacific nations and beyond; and commencement of the Cold War with USSR and its allies.

The US nuked Japan to state who was the top dog in the Pacific and beyond.  After the war, the two empires became one.  The US establishment utilized willing Japanese war criminals in shaping the trajectory of post-WW2 Japan within the US imperial framework.  Today,  the phrase “remember Pearl Harbor” is used to keep the US Pacific ally under control, while justifying its imperial trajectory across the globe.

Now, such an angle also helps us see 9/11 from a fresh perspective.  All the…

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