Red Dawn Invasion Has Begun! They Are Here Now And It Is About To Get Worse!

by Susan Duclos

When one thinks of the term “Red Dawn” the first thing that comes to mind is America being invaded by the Russians, or the Chinese, as seen in the movies, and while there are examples of the Chinese buying up massive amounts of real estate in the US and stories of Russian soldiers in America awaiting activation notices, there is an invasion that has already commenced and Americans are already being targeted, the latest example in Texas, with the terror groups ISIS already claiming responsibility for an attack on the “Draw Muhammed” art contest near Dallas.

Since 2014 US officials have been aware that Islamic militants have been eyeing the Mexican border, evidenced by law enforcement bulletins as well as online posts by ISIS members. That is but one way terrorists have been infiltrating America, but another much more disturbing trend is how the Obama administration is knowingly importing jihadists into America along with Syrian refugees.

This is not conjecture or speculation, as shown by interviews with those actively smuggling ISIS members, pretending to be refugees, into countries that are offering safe haven, inlcuding America.

“The Western world thinks there is no ISIS in their countries – that all the jihadis have gone to fight and die in Syria.” BuzzFeed News’ Mike Giglio speaks with the men who claim to have helped ISIS slip into Europe.

In February 2015, Michael Steinbach, who is the FBI’s deputy assistant director of counter-terrorism, testified before the House Homeland Security committee, and admitted that it was virtually impossible to screen refugees coming from Syria.

According to author and columnist Paul Sperry, the figures are astronomical, where he asserts that there has been a “huge surge under Obama. In the last three years, he’s averaged 100,000 new immigrants from Muslim nations a year. That is very alarming. It’s more than we’re importing both from Central America and Mexico combined. This is a big shift in immigration flows.” (Source- WND)

Reports from April 2015 show that US attorney Andrew Luger admitted that there is a “terror recruiting problem,” among refugees as evidence by arrests of six men charged with making repeated attempts to join the “ISIS jihadist army in Syria.”

We often hear arguments such as “we are a nation of immigrants,” a “melting pot,” and it is true, but immigration now is not what it used to be. The borders are open for all intents and purposes, agents forced to stand down, terrorists crossing over and the new “rule,” exposed by a whistleblower who participated in a WH phone conference, is that illegal immigrants are not required to ‘assimilate’ as those that came here legally before them did.

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