Rebranding Bundy

Photo Source Blaine Cooper | CC BY 2.0

Recent efforts to burnish the image of members of the Bundy Public Land Grab clan bear close watching. A flurry of Bundy-friendly articles and videos commenced in early November. This began with a fawning piece in the Idaho Statesman featuring Ammon Bundy “a sunlight kind of guy” at his apple orchard in Emmett Idaho. The article ran in papers across the region. The piece appeared just after Ryan Bundy was not elected Governor of Nevada, having garnered a whopping one percent of the vote. It prompted a fierce Opinion rebuttal by Pat Finnegan, a retired Forest Service law enforcement officer:

They and their supporters remain freeloading domestic terrorists who intimidated, threatened and harassed Americans, while their cattle continued to damage public rangelands and armed occupiers destroyed American property at taxpayer expense’.

More Bundy-friendly pieces followed – culminating with Ammon calling Trump’s migrant border policy fear-based, and Cliven chiming in with “have a heart” in a Guardian article penned by a practiced Bundy stenographer.

Fear and Intimidation, Bundy Style

Bundy should know about fear-based policies. He and his gang of militants and paranoid followers inflicted a great deal of fear when they seized Malheur Refuge and militants lurked around Burns. Not to mention the fear felt by federal workers on other remote Refuges or public land areas across the country — as the standoff dragged on and on,…

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