“Reality Will Come Crashing Home”

by Alton C. Thompson / October 24th, 2018

Last night’s (October 23, 2013) Frontline program, on PBS—“The Pension Gamble”—featured David Sirota (author of the 2013 article, “The Plot Against Pensions”). The program focused on the bad shape that many pension programs for public employees specifically are in, with Kentucky’s case being the worst example.  Toward the end of the program, Kentucky Governor Matthew Bevin was quoted thusly:

The next governor, regardless of who they are or what ideology they represent, it won’t matter what lie they give. Reality will come crashing home.

From what I had learned, while watching the program, I had to agree with him.  However, it occurred to me that while many public employees are rightfully concerned about their pensions, there’s a problem that’s far more important than pensions—a problem that’s faced not only by public employees in the United States, but all humans.

A problem, though, regarding which few in our society are fully aware, because of “media silence” about it, and even “global warming denialism” in our media!   That article begins this way:

Emperor Nero may (or may not) have fiddled while Rome burned, but commercial U.S. TV networks definitely fiddled last year [2016] on climate coverage while the Earth grew dangerously hot.

An annual climate report issued this month by the World Meteorological Organization confirms that average global temperatures and global sea levels…

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