Real-Life Survival Adventures




If you’ve been a prepper for very long, no doubt your bookshelf is full of non-fiction survival manuals and recent prepper fiction. All that is well and good, and I do hope my own family survival manual and evacuation book is among your collection, but there are many important lessons to be found in an entirely different genre: non-fiction survival adventures.

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These books tell real-life survival narratives that are rich in detail. They grab your attention and hold it while teaching lessons about nature, historical events, and, yes, survival. Some of my favorites are listed below, all linked to their Amazon pages where you can read summaries and reviews. Do you have any similar books to add?

The Indifferent Stars …
Daniel James Brown

Lost in Shangri-La
Mitchell Zuckoff
Best Price: $1.35
Buy New $3.93

The River of Doubt: Th…
Candice Millard
Best Price: $1.99
Buy New $7.50

A Crack in the Edge of…
Simon Winchester

Skeletons on the Zahar…
Dean King

In the Kingdom of Ice:…
Hampton Sides

The Brendan Voyage
Tim Severin

Isaac’s Storm: A Man, …
Erik Larson

The Year Without Summe…
William K. Klingaman, …

Dead Wake: The Last Cr…
Erik Larson

Unbroken: A World War …
Laura Hillenbrand

The Worst Hard Time: T…
Timothy Egan

Sudden Sea: The Great …
R.A. Scotti

Endurance: Shackleton’…
Alfred Lansing

Island of the Lost: Sh…
Joan Druett
Best Price: $10.65
Buy New $18.34

Reprinted from The Survival Mom.

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