Racist Graffiti at High School Written By ‘Non-White’

Truth Revolt
November 22, 2017

There is fake news, and then there is real news that turns out to be a hoax.

Case in point: last week, a St. Louis school was vandalized with racist graffiti. “White Lives Matter,” followed by a racial slur, was scrawled on a bathroom mirror at Parkway Central High School. The story caught the attention of news outlets, including the local CBS station — KMOX — which reported on its website Wednesday:

[A] Parkway Central High School student walked into a bathroom and saw the message, which said “White Lives Matter” — punctuated by the N-word. She immediately told an administrator.

Parkway spokeswoman Cathy Kelly says Parkway Central’s principal, Tim McCarthy, immediately made a PA announcement denouncing the message, saying, “This act is a serious violation of our discipline code and an affront to what I believe are the core values of this community.”

Channel 4 in St. Louis also quoted McCarthy, making further clear Parkway’s position:

The school’s principal…said to students that “actions and speech which degrade an individual’s human dignity; actions and speech which are motivated by hate, not love, have not place in school, they have no place at Central High. I believe the vast majority of our community share my commitment to that ideal.” He added that he is “deeply sorry this happened.”

Additionally, Kaylinn Mahale, a Parkway mom, was reported as saying, “As a parent, I don’t have any tolerance for it.”

The culprit of the racist message was unknown until a revelation Tuesday: in a twist which surely surprised some, according to the city’s Fox2, the student responsible for the outrageous act was revealed to be “non-white.”

Despite the news that no white student was responsible for the racist graffiti, that reality did “not diminish the hurt it caused or the negative impact it has had on our…

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