‘Racist’ chocolate duckling causes a stir on social media — RT UK News

Waitrose has been accused of being “quackers” and of appeasing the “PC brigade” by social media users, after the UK supermarket was forced to apologize for naming a dark chocolate duckling in their range, “ugly.”

The offending little bird was part of an £8 ($10) trio of Easter treats, with a milk chocolate duckling called “crispy” and a white one named “fluffy.”

According to the supermarket, a “small number” of customers took offence to the dark duckling being described as “ugly,” with some saying that it was racist.

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The removal of the product has led to outrage on social media. One Twitter user claimed “the world has gone f***ing mad.” Another insisted that it was not racist, alluding to the famous fairy tale “The Ugly Duckling,” arguing that duckling in that story “grows up to be the most beautiful of them all.”

However, others accused Waitrose of “insidious casual racism” and that they should of done their homework on the story of the Ugly Duckling, claiming it’s grey and not dark brown.

Waitrose issued a statement insisting that they were sorry for “any upset caused” and it was not their “intention to cause any offence.” The product was removed from sale a few weeks ago and the labelling changed, adding “our ducklings are now back on sale.”

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.