Racism in US prevents economic fairness for all: Senator Warren

US Senator Elizabeth Warren has warned that racism and racial tensions impede economic progress as they block a fairer system all workers benefit from.

Warren, a Democratic senator from Massachusetts, made the remarks at Martin Luther King’s church on the 54th anniversary of his most famous “I have a dream” speech, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

“So long as we stay divided, this economy will continue to work for the thin slice at the top,” Warren said, asserting that the only way to eradicate hate is to see “something holy in every single person.”

During a question and answer session conducted by Bernice King, the slain civil rights leader’s youngest child, at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Warren denounced the widening income gaps that badly affect nonwhite workers.

During the session, King mentioned commands from Jesus that says one must “do good to those who hate you,” with Warrant adding, this does not mean people let each…

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