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London rapper Giggs has taken to Instagram to voice his frustrations at recent remarks made by TV presenter Piers Morgan, over his perceived racist comments over stop and search.

The tirade came after Morgan’s remarks, during a debate on London’s ongoing gun and knife crime epidemic, on Good Morning Britain. On the topic of stop and search, a tactic criticized by many as being unfair to young black men, Morgan said: “You’ve only got to worry about stop and search if you’re carrying something, haven’t you? If you haven’t, what’s the problem?”

He continued: “If 90% of the knife crime in this capital city right now is being conducted by young black gang members, what is wrong with stopping and searching young black youths who look like they might be in a gang?”

 Perturbed by what he saw and heard, the Peckham-born rapper posted a video of the segment to Instagram leading with “F**K PUSSYOLES LIKE PIERS MORGAN.” He continued by accusing Morgan of not giving a “fuck about young black youths or wether [sic] they kill each other or not you prat.”

He accused Morgan and others like him of bias by never reporting on stories about young, black, British people who succeed but who rushed to do so when there was a negative story to report. 

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“You never see c****s like Piers Morgan celebrating “young black youths that look like they are in gangs” when we are successful, or break records, or win awards, and so on. But as soon as there is something negative happening and some controversy for you to talk about, you wanna talk about us, or say what you think should be happening.”

Citing his son as an example of someone who isn’t in a gang but “wears a tracksuit with a hood,” Giggs finished his colorful denunciation by questioning the psychological effects caused by stop and search asking: “Have you yourself ever experienced the traumas or violations, and a lot of the time ABUSE OF POWER of “being stopped and search because you look like…” He then called Morgan “a F****n mug.”

He finished by recommending Morgan return to discussing topics such as “Madonna or Caitlyn Jenner,” and implied that Morgan was only pretending to care about issues on the streets.

The incident comes a week after an Amnesty International report found the London Metropolitan Police’s Gang Violence Matrix was “racially discriminatory” and breaches human rights law.

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Designed to track gang activity in the capital after the 2011 riots, the report found that 1,500 of 3,800 people on the list were on it despite being assessed by the Met as posing no danger of committing violence. The matrix also tracked a disproportionate number of minorities, with 78% of people on the list listed as black.

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