Public Roads as Tesla’s Private Test Track

Logic – let alone reasonableness – is not one of the government’s stronger suits. There are many examples of this, but here’s a newsie one: The use of public roads as test tracks for Tesla (and Google) self-driving car technology.

On the one hand, government rigidly persecutes “speeders” on the basis (so it is claimed) that driving faster than a number on a sign might increase the chances of having an accident. This being unsafe and hence “speeding” being illegal.

On the other, it gives the green light to Tesla racketeer Elon Musk to sell cars that encourage the driver to take not just both hands but also both eyes off the road – trusting in the infallibility of Tesla’s technology.

People have died as a result of this – which isn’t very safe.

With more to come, inevitably.

Inevitably, because technology – like the human beings who create it – is fallible. Things break, stop working. Or they don’t work exactly the way we were told they would.

Especially things controlled by a computer.

How reliable is your desktop PC? And it just sits on your desk. Do you like the idea of a PC being in charge of your car – your life –  at 70 MPH?

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The government does.

Understanding motives – as opposed to stated reasons  – will help you understand policies that seem on the face of it idiotic or at least inconsistent. If “safety” truly is the object of everything the government does to us – for our own good, of course – then the government would never have allowed Musk to use public roads to Beta test his auto-driving technology, with you and me in the role of guinea pigs.

But “safety” is not the end goal. It is the excuse.

What the government wants  is more control of our cars; ideally, absolute control. Musk is the five-star general in charge of this operation.

He’s not coy about it, either. Has publicly said that allowing (his word, very revealing) you and me to be in control of our cars is not acceptable. It is “too dangerous.” His technology – funded by milking the taxpayers, who get to pay for their own replacement as drivers – will see to it that we are not allowed to control “our” cars in the probably not-too-distant future. When it will be “illegal” for us – rather than his software – to drive the car. That software, incidentally, written by people like Musk or those who work for Musk.

The “self-driving” car is, in fact, a car driven by Musk and his minions.

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