Protests divide Republicans over Trump nomination

The US Republican National Convention (RNC)’s first day has been marked with division amid attempts by some of Donald Trump’s opponents to block his presidential nomination, while many others protested outside the venue.

The convention, which is set to nominate Trump, kicked off in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday, and soon turned into a floor fight after it was hit by a wave of discord and dissent by a group of delegates, referred to as the Never Trump movement.

Earlier in the day, Delegates Unbound, a group working to free delegates from their pledge to vote for Trump, said it had garnered enough support to force a roll call vote.

Chanting “Roll call vote! Roll call vote!” the group tried to set in motion a vote by all 2,472 delegates to formally start the event, hoping the lengthy process would embarrass Trump by delaying the opening speeches.

Empty seats remain after Melania Trump spoke on the first day of the Republican National Convention  at…

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