Profound negative forces led to Brexit: Analyst


Britain’s referendum to exit the European Union was triggered by “profound negative forces” in the UK and other EU countries, says an academic in London.

“The reality is that Brexit happened because of profound negative forces which are operating not only on the UK, but also on other countries,” Rodney Shakespeare, a professor of economics, told Press TV on Wednesday.

Europe’s economic failures and foreign policy disasters contributed to last year’s Brexit vote and the desire to leave the bloc is growing in other EU member states, Shakespeare said.

“The British people are reacting to, because they are affected, whatever the government figures say, most people now in the UK feel insecure and that is the same throughout Europe,” he added.

“Europe has an overall unemployment of 12 percent and it has up to 25 percent for young people and minority groups and much higher figures in some countries and they have no solution for…

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