Prison » White House Petition to Defend Online Free Speech Soars to Nearly 100,000 Signatures

Massive response to Big Tech purge of conservatives

Paul Joseph Watson
August 31, 2018


A White House petition calling on Congress to defend free speech online is set to surpass 100,000 signatures by the end of today, just three days after it was launched.

Entitled Protect Free Speech in the Digital Public Square, the petition asks that, “The President should request that Congress pass legislation prohibiting social media platforms from banning users for First Amendment-protected speech. The power to block lawful content should be in the hands of individual users – not Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey.”

The petition was launched after multiple conservatives were banned or suspended by social media giants, including Alex Jones who earlier this month was deplatformed by YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify.

The petition would need to top 362,000 signatures to beat the one that currently tops the ‘We the People’ White House website, but it has a good shot given there’s nearly a month until it closes.

In repeated public statements and tweets, President Trump has made it clear that he is monitoring the situation and looking at potential action.

Last night during a rally in Indiana, Trump re-iterated that promise.

“We as a country cannot tolerate political censorship, blacklisting and rigged search results….we will not let large corporations silence conservative voices,” said Trump.

“You look at Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media giants and I made it clear that we as a country cannot tolerate political censorship, blacklisting and rigged search results,” he added.

Google became Trump’s latest…

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