Prison » Trump Approval Rating Almost Tied With Obama At Same Stage of His Presidency

President pops to 49% after State of the Union speech

Paul Joseph Watson
February 2, 2018


President Donald Trump’s approval rating is now virtually tied with Barack Obama’s at the same stage of his presidency after Trump popped to 49% following his State of the Union speech.

According to Rasmussen, voters are evenly split with 49% disapproving of Trump and 49% in his corner, Trump’s highest voter approval since March 7, 2017.

Looking at historical records of Obama’s approval rating from the same polling firm, we find that on this day in 2010, the same duration into Obama’s first term, his approval rating stood at 50%, just one percentage point higher than Trump.

In addition, on the same date in 2010, Obama’s “strongly disapprove” rating was 39% compared to his “strongly approve” rating of 32%, giving him a total approval index of minus 7.

Trump’s “strongly disapprove” rating is at 38% compared to his 35% “strongly approve rating,” giving him a total approval index of minus 3, which is four points better than Obama.


Put simply, amongst Americans with forthright views, Barack Obama was more unpopular than Trump is now at the same stage of his presidency eight years ago.

With today’s jobs numbers beating expectations again and wage growth at its highest in eight years, after a difficult summer the president is seemingly on a roll.

Trump’s well received State of the Union speech was a big reason for his approval surge, but the recent tax cut has also boosted his popularity.

It remains to be seen whether the release of the notorious FISA memo will benefit Trump even further in derailing the “Russian collusion” investigation into his administration.


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