Prison » Synagogue shooter hated pro-Israel Trump so media tied his motive to migrant caravan

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October 29, 2018

Two separate narratives have emerged regarding alleged synagogue shooter Robert Bowers, who on Saturday opened fire at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, killing at least 11.

The first narrative — a media favorite — describes him as a right-leaning fanatic whose views on the incoming caravan from Central America appear to be in lockstep with the Republican Party.

The second narrative centers more-so on his virulent antisemitism and anti-Trump rage, both of which some commenters have noted matches the rhetoric of the Democrat Party.

Touted by left-wing commentators on CNN, the first narrative focuses on posts Bowers recently published on the social media website Gab in which he blamed the incoming caravan of migrants and illegal immigrant on HIAS, a Jewish refugee agency.

“Several of the messages that he was posting was against a Jewish refugee resettlement agency. One of the points he was making is that this agency is bringing people in, Jews in, and he said, among many other things, that ‘my people’ are being slaughtered,” a CNN anchor noted Saturday.

“This is also what you hear on the far right. On talk radio, you hear about an alleged invasion that obviously is not really happening,” CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter added. “That’s the rhetoric on the far right.”


While some conservatives have classified the veritable army of migrants and illegal immigrants as an invasion force, none have complained about HIAS.

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Some have however speculated that the caravan is being financed by Democrat operatives linked to left-wing billionaire George Soros. But this speculation isn’t rooted in antisemitism — it’s rooted in Soros’ track record of funding left-wing…

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