Prison » Student Democrat Attacked for Suggesting Republicans Have First Amendment Rights

Truth Revolt
October 23, 2017

After a meeting of the Student Republicans was disrupted by unhinged “protesters” last week at the University of California Santa Cruz, the President of the UCSC Student Democrats, Weslyn Church, stood up for their First Amendment Rights. Predictably, if disappointingly, she was raked over the internet coals for her trouble. Doesn’t she know that conservatives don’t have rights? 

College Reform reports that, in a Facebook post, Church said “As the President of the College Democrats at UCSC, I stand in support of the College Republicans’ right to free speech and free assembly.” She said that she knows that if “this situation happened to the College Democrats,” the College Republicans “would do the same.”

She went on to say that “The organizers of this disruption harmed not only the civil debate that was ongoing, but also the studying experience of those in the library. These protesters should be ashamed of their un-American and undemocratic actions,” while praising the College Republicans for being “nothing but polite and cordial.”

A depressingly small number of people agreed with her, and a lot of people lost their minds that she would suggest Republicans should have Constitutional rights. Comments (College Reform has the screenshots)  included “You’re the same f-ing party; neoliberal, capitalist, racist, narc-ass cop loving,  Wall Street zombie f-ks,” “turning this into a discussion of ‘free speech’ is playing right into the fascists’ hands,” and “Un-American LOLOL.” There’s also the very eloquent “LAUGHING OUT LOUD hahahahahaha,” which is sure to win hearts and minds.

We are at a time in our nation’s history in which college students, who are supposed to be at an elite level of learning, don’t believe that groups with which they disagree are entitled to Constitutional rights. They don’t…

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