Prison » Rand Paul Slams ‘Ridiculous Waste’ Of Taxpayer Money By Government

‘Some idiot in government’ spent $700,000 on deciphering 1969 moon landing speech… in 2017

Steve Watson
February 12, 2018

Following his impromptu filibuster speech on Friday, Senator Rand Paul made several media appearances at the weekend to explain how insane government spending has become and how some Republicans are hypocritically supporting it.

Speaking on New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” Paul slammed the “ridiculous” amounts of money being wasted by government.

“I can give you a quick example of some of the stuff we spend money on,” Paul told host John Catsimatidis.

“We spent $700,000 last year studying what Neil Armstrong said when he landed on the moon,” Paul explained.

“You remember, he said, ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.’ Well, some idiot in government took $700,000 of taxpayer money and wanted to know whether he said, ‘One small step for man’ or,’One small step for a man.’ So that’s the kind of stuff your government is spending money on.” The Senator urged.

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Paul called for the Pentagon to be audited to find out where vast amounts of money is disappearing to.

“Before we give them more money, make them account for the money they’re already spending,” he told listeners.

In a further appearance on CBS’ Face The Nation, Paul called out GOP representatives for being “hypocritical” in passing both tax cuts and spending increases.

“I think if you’re for tax cuts and for increasing spending that’s hypocritical. But if you’re for tax cuts and you’re also for cutting spending a corresponding amount — see, I would offset the tax cuts with spending cuts, and there are a few of us that would actually do that,” Paul explained.

“I voted for the tax cuts and I voted for spending cuts. The people who voted for tax cuts and spending increases —…

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