Prison » NY Times Op-Ed Writer Wants Facebook to Censor Pro-Life Content As ‘Fake News’

Nov 14, 2017

In a Friday New York Times op-ed, Rossalyn Warren, described as “a journalist who regularly covers women’s rights and internet culture,” wants Facebook to expand its definition of “fake news” to include “the vast amount of misinformation and unevidenced stories about reproductive rights, science and health.” 

That is, Warren wants to marginalize and even silence legitimate pro-life messages, sites, facts, and viewpoints.

Ms. Warren somehow missed the news that the establishment press has earned sole ownership of the “fake news” tag thanks to its disgraceful conduct and dishonest reporting during the entire election season and the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency. That has included its early strategic coordination with the Clinton campaign, its obvious cooperation with the attempt to rig the Democratic Party primary to defeat Bernie Sanders, its October 2016 release of the Access Hollywood tapes, its thoroughly cooked polling throughout the election season, and its blatantly hostile treatment of the President, his appointees, and others on his team during the past year.

But that doesn’t mean that the leftist gatekeepers at Facebook won’t consider acquiescing to her demands. What Warren wants to do is to marginalize legitimate pro-life content she has unilaterally decided is “fake news” (bolds are mine throughout this post):

Facebook Is Ignoring Anti-Abortion Fake News

… Last week … (Facebook’s) general counsel appeared before Congress alongside his counterparts from Twitter and Google to testify on the company’s role in distributing misinformation ahead of the 2016 presidential election. Facebook says it’s taking “fake news” seriously. It has a label for “disputed” stories, brought in independent fact-checking partners and allows users to report false articles.

It’s not clear whether these…

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