Prison » New Clothing Line Allows Men to Proclaim They’re “Cucks” Who Share Their Wives

T-shirts include “my husband likes to watch,” “sissy husband” and “married with benefits”

Paul Joseph Watson
April 19, 2019


A new clothing line features shirts that allow men to proclaim that they are “cucks” who share their wives and girlfriends with other men.

The CuckAndBull shop features dozens of designs, including a t-shirt that says “CUCK – proud sponsor of a hotwife” and one for women that says “my husband likes to watch”.


Another t-shirt which says “BULL” appears to be mainly modeled by black men, while another, worn by a white model, says “Sissy Husband”.


  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t


Other shirts for women include “deep throat princess,” “bareback princess,” “butt slut” and “squirting champion”.


Another image shows a model in Antifa-style garb with the word “OWNED” on his shirt.


Although the entire thing sounds too outlandish to not be a troll, the company appears to have a legitimate Facebook page and an actual functioning shopping cart on its website.

The company’s Instagram page is also being used by “cucks” and “bulls” to communicate with each other.

The models shown did not originally model the shirts, the shirts have been superimposed onto stock images of models. One suspects they’re not too pleased about their images being used to advertise these products.

The term “cuck” is often used as an insult against leftists, who are accused of being cowardly and weak on issues such as illegal immigration.

A French study in 2017 found that left-wingers are more likely to share their wives, in other words, they’re more likely to literally be cucks.

“The study of 4,000 French individuals found that people on the far left are much more likely than the average Frenchman to share partners and have group sex, while Front National voters are more inclined towards sexual domination, spanking,”…

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