Prison » MSNBC’s Joy Reid Leads Twitter Hate Mob Smearing Conservative Woman As ‘Racist’

Chris Menahan
Information Liberation
July 2, 2018

MSBNC host Joy Reid led a Twitter hate mob falsely accusing a conservative woman of shouting “dirty Mexican” at a 14-year-old during a Simi Valley City Council meeting last week.

March For Our Lives activist Alan Vargas put a fake description on a photo from The Ventura County Star claiming conservative Rosalyn La Liberte yelled “dirty Mexican” and “you are going to be the first deported” at 14-year-old Joseph Luevanos.

“Spread this far and wide this woman needs to be put on blast,” Vargas said.

[Copy in case it’s deleted.]

Joy Reid tweeted out the false claims to her 1.24 million followers and made it go mega-viral:

Left-wing hate mobs doxxed La Liberte and targeted her for destruction:

It was all based on lies.

From FOX 11 LA, “People online twist the real…

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