Prison » MSM Lobbies Instagram to Ban Alex Jones Over Fake “Anti-Semitism” Controversy

Leaked emails discuss removing Jones because of OTHER people’s comments on post

Paul Joseph Watson
March 29, 2019


The mainstream media is now lobbying Instagram to ban Alex Jones by creating a contrived hoax surrounding a post deemed to be “anti-Semitic”.

Despite being owned by Facebook, Instagram is the only major social media platform not to ban Jones following a coordinated effort by the rest to silence him last year.

The image, created by artist Mear One, portrays a group of men sat around a Monopoly board stacked with gold, dollar bills and a skull.

Despite the artist himself asserting that the image is about class and has nothing to do with race or Jewish people, Facebook executives from the UK asserted that the image “is widely acknowledged to be anti-Semitic”.


Leaked emails from Facebook executives clearly show that Jones is also being made responsible for the comments of OTHER people which he had nothing to do with.

“Facebook executives then investigate the comments whipped up by Jones’ Instagram post,” states the Business Insider piece which whipped up the fake controversy, adding that “it is not clear how many comments” which Facebook deems as being in violation of its policies are needed to initiate a takedown order.

This is patently ludicrous in that it would grease the skids for trolls to deliberately brigade posts with offensive comments in order to set people they don’t like to be removed from platforms.


Other media coverage of the issue also suggests that Jones should be banned for some of the comments that appeared below the post, a new ludicrous standard of thought policing that would make anyone subject to deletion based on something that they never said.

“Numerous derogatory comments accompanying the Instagram post made reference to Jewish people and Jewish heritage,” wrote the Huff Post’s Ryan Grenoble, absurdly…

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