Prison » Maxine Waters complains about Sessions firing — after demanding it last year!

American Mirror
November 8, 2018

Nothing President Trump does will ever make Maxine Waters happy.

The California Congresswoman complained on Wednesday about Trump firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Appearing on MSNBC, Waters grumbled about Sessions’ ouster.

“This is very dangerous,” Waters said of Sessions resigning.

“For those of was who were willing to see what could be done to work with this president now that we have a majority in the House, this is very disappointing.

“For all the people out there in America who say to us, ‘Well, try and work with him. We want both sides to get together.’ Here he starts off one day after the midterm election showing us what he thinks about working with us when it’s apparent what he’s putting into action a plan by which to get rid of Mueller,” she said.

But last year, she demanded Sessions be fired.

“Sessions should be fired,” Waters tweeted May 24. “He has no business leading DOJ.”

The Washington Examiner reported:

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to be fired after a CNN report came out Wednesday that he failed to disclose meetings with Russian officials when he applied for his security clearance.

In January 2017, Waters demanded that Sessions’ nominated be rejected.

“Every American should be concerned about how and whether Senator Sessions as Attorney General would enforce the bedrock civil protections of every individual, particularly those of our most vulnerable citizens,” Waters mused in a press release.

“Given his track record, it’s clear that he would not. I urge the Senate to reject his nomination.”

Now, , intentionally or not, Trump has acted on her demands. So what’s…

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