Prison » Marine Veteran, Man Wearing Trump Shirt Violently Attacked Near Trump Star in L.A.

Mob also attacks cameraman filming the fight

Paul Joseph Watson
July 27, 2018


Video footage shows a Marine veteran and a man wearing a Trump shirt being violently attacked by leftists near the Trump Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

The video shows a man getting in the face of Elijah Schaffer, who is wearing a Trump shirt. The angry man, who appears to be hispanic, repeats the phrase, “I can say nigger if I want to” twice before attempting to escalate the situation.

Schaffer tells the man, “get out of my face” before a scuffle breaks out between another Asian man and an individual who is referred to as a Marine veteran.

The anti-Trump agitator throws the first punch at the veteran and then the man involved in the first confrontation physically assaults the veteran and Schaffer.

Other anti-Trump agitators join in the fight before one of them launches a kick at a man filming the scenes on a large camera.

A group of teenagers then break out in a chant of “fuck Donald Trump” as Schaffer and the veteran, who ably defended themselves against the mob, leave the area.

Singer Joy Villa said herself, Schaffer and the Marine veteran were “surrounded by (a) violent mob” and pointed the finger at Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters for inciting the violence.


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