Prison » Ireland’s Top University Bans the Term “Freshman” Because It’s Politically Incorrect

“Gender-neutral” term “fresh” to be used instead

Paul Joseph Watson
November 28, 2017


Ireland’s top university, Trinity College Dublin, has banned the term “freshman” because it is not “gender-neutral” and will now use the term “fresh” to describe new students.

In an email sent out to students and staff earlier today, Vice-Provost Chris Morash and Students’ Union President Kevin Keane said the college’s “Equality Committee” had approved a plan to change “the title given to first and second year undergraduates students from ‘Freshman’ to the gender-neutral term ‘Fresh’”.

The university, which also introduced “gender-neutral” toilets last year, claims the decision is a sign of the college’s commitment to “gender equality” and a nod to the 100 year anniversary of women’s suffrage in Ireland.

According to the email, which was sent to Infowars by a student, the change was “important” so as not to offend females or those who express a different “gender identity”.

Trinity College Student Union President Kevin Keane said banning the term was “very sensible” because it helps new students who may otherwise feel the university is an intimidating place.

Trinity College Dublin is by no means the first educational institution to ban the word “freshman”. Colleges in the United States have been doing so for years.

“The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill eliminated the word “freshman” from official university documents as part of a concerted effort by the administration to use “gender inclusive language,” reported the Daily Caller back in 2012.

Among the reasons cited for the change was the claim that the word promoted “rape” and was sexist.

In 2014, Elon University also banned the term because it supposedly encouraged an “unsafe environment for female students”.

The term “freshman”…

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