Prison » Iraqi man lives with two wives and thirteen children on German taxpayer’s money

Voice Of Europe
March 23, 2018

Officially, polygamy is banned in Germany but several cases have already reached the surface. In the Bavarian district of Neumarkt an Iraqi refugee lives with his two wives and thirteen children, news portal Nordbayern reports.

The Iraqi family arrived with the first wave of refugees in 2015 and was initially housed together in a German asylum centre, says the district’s immigration head, Lothar Kraus. In the meantime the Iraqi man, his two wives and thirteen children have been registered as refugees.

That the polygamous marriage is banned under the Civil Code and even punishable under the Criminal Code in Germany, is not relevant here, explains the head of the immigration agency.

“If the marriages took place in Muslim countries, where polygamy is allowed according to the law in force there, both women are considered wives in Germany as well. The polygamous marriage can then be continued without punishment. The Koran tolerates marriages with up to four women. Thus, those marriages are valid in many Muslim countries”, he says

At the moment the family lives in an apartment in Bavaria that is paid for by the German taxpayer. Last month we already reported about a ‘Sharia loving’ refugee who lives with his two wives and six children in Germany as well. The family is on benefits and thanks “mama Merkel” for her hospitality.

This article was posted: Friday, March 23, 2018 at 8:05 am

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