Prison » Holocaust Survivor Slams Leftists Over ‘Concentration Camp’ Claims

Louder With Crowder
July 2, 2018

Leftists seem to have a knack for comparing the Donald to a certain mustachioed despot from the days of old.

With the latest developments in immigration enforcement, those lefties are jacking those claims up to eleven. Even claiming the ICE detention centers used to house illegal jumpers of fences are concentration camps.

Well, this Holocaust survivor has heard those claims. He’s not amused in the slightest:

Listen to me. I went through it. Please. This is not a concentration camp. They’re free. I looked up there and I said to myself, all the mattresses, everything, food. I said, at that time, I would think it’s a country club.

So, live the best you can. It’s still America. It’s still the best country. If you don’t believe it, then leave the country.

Well, that pretty much settles that. As for those lefties trying to compare the atrocities of the Holocaust to their losing an election.

All the lefties would like you to think we’re just one goose-step away from a full-on Third Reich revival. They see the illegal trespassers in the detention facilities and say “see, we’ve been telling you Trump is Hitler. I rest my case.” Except, we’re simply enforcing our more than reasonable immigration laws. Not cramming an entire ethnic group in cattle cars and shipping them off to their death.

The left runs wild with these comparisons, hoping to shock us into turning against the orange man. Unfortunately for them, they fail to think what they say through. Leading to embarrassing moments like this one, where a survivor of the real Holocaust schools them on reality.

Though, I highly doubt this gentleman’s firsthand experience is going to sway the left in the slightest:

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