Prison » Green New Deal: A Dystopian Future Awaits?

Graham Noble

March 5, 2019

Although everyone is talking about the Green New Deal, the discussion has been one of only broad strokes and vague proposals. Despite this, the agenda promises such a vast transformation of society and government that it cries out for a serious examination of how the future would look, were it to be implemented. In this first of a three-part analysis of what the plan would mean for Americans, we discuss the refusal of those who support the idea to come clean about the financial toll it would take on the nation.

The much talked about Green New Deal is so much more than a proposal of measures to protect the natural environment. It is nothing less than an all-encompassing social justice manifesto which would pave the way for federal government control of almost all private industry, private property, transportation systems, and food production, as well as most other aspects of American society. Complete control of the nation’s energy production and distribution is the key to absolute power – no pun intended – which is precisely why the specter of climate change is used as a principal weapon in the leftist arsenal.

In short, the Green New Deal is entirely incompatible with the Constitution and with capitalism and would effectively nullify both, removing all individual rights and decimating the economy.

Getting Serious About The Real Price-Tag

Most of the media talk surrounding the Green New Deal focuses on the cost, which would likely run to more than 150 trillion dollars over twenty or thirty years. That is a much higher figure than most people are suggesting, but certain factors must be considered. First and foremost is the well-documented inability of government to deliver any project within its originally projected budget or schedule. Secondly, one must consider the vast expansion of state and federal bureaucracies that would…

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