Prison » Firemen Flee After Being Attacked by Migrant Youths in Multicultural Molenbeek

Stores looted, Christmas tree set ablaze

Paul Joseph Watson
January 2, 2019


Firemen were forced to flee after migrant youths in the multicultural suburb of Molenbeek, Brussels attacked them with stones and fireworks.

A house in the area even burned to the ground because firemen had to wait too long for police protection.

“We are really tired of this ‘New Year’s tradition,’” Eric Labourdette, a spokesman for the fire brigade union told Belgian newspaper HLN, adding “They call us for small fires and attack us while we want to help.”

“Clearly, no control is possible in that neighborhood,” said Labourdette, adding that youths started dumpster fires, repeatedly set fire to the suburb’s main Christmas tree while also looting local shops.

Regional Interior Minister Pieter de Crem called for a police crackdown on the area to prevent its further detoerioration.

Molenbeek is a notorious no-go zone where white people are made to feel unwelcome (in one of Europe’s major capital cities). The town has a large Muslim population, with the main “minority” group being of Morrocan heritage.

Molenbeek also provided a safe haven for the only surviving Paris massacre terrorist, Salah Abdeslam, who hid there for months after helping to slaughter hundreds of people.

When police arrested Abdeslam in Molenbeek they were pelted with projectiles by his supporters who considered him to be a “hero”.

Teachers who work in the area also revealed that the majority of their students referred to the Paris and…

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