Prison » Financial Strategist “Shocked” by Degeneration of San Francisco

“Sheer quantities of men off their heads on drugs”

Paul Joseph Watson
February 25, 2019


Société Générale financial strategist Albert Edwards says he was “shocked” by his recent visit to San Francisco, during which he was appalled to witness the “sheer quantities of men….off their heads on drugs (and drink) and putting both themselves and other road users at risk.”

“I have been a regular visitor to San Francisco for 30 years and maybe it is because I only visit once every couple of years that I notice the change,” wrote Edwards.

“Most surprising was the pungent smell of cannabis skunk that pervaded the streets almost everywhere – something that isn’t the case in somewhere like Amsterdam where legal consumption of marijuana is mainly confined to designated cafes,” he added. “But the smell doesn’t seem to bother everyone.”

Edwards blames open air marijuana smoking for the surge in pedestrian fatalities, which have been climbing for the last 10 years.

“It appears the US is gripped by an epidemic of stoned pedestrians stepping into traffic,” he writes.

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As we previously reported, San Francisco’s drug addicts now outnumber its high school student population.

San Francisco’s junkie population – many of whom live on the streets and use sidewalks as outdoor toilets – now stands at 24,500, an increase of 2,000 drug users since 2012 and 8,500 more people than the city’s 16,000 high school students.

Despite this increase, the city handed out a record 5.8 million free syringes last year – about 500,000 more than in 2017. There were 9,659 calls complaining about needles littering the streets in 2018, an increase of a third on 2017 numbers.

The number of complaints about feces on the streets has also tripled since 2011 despite new Mayor London Breed’s promise to clean up the city.

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