Prison » Facebook Whistleblower Reveals “Routine Supression” Of Conservative Content

Zero Hedge
February 28, 2019

A former Facebook employee turned whistleblower has revealed that the social media giant engages in “routine suppression” of conservative pages through various methods, confirming internal documents and presentation materials Project Veritas obtained from a Facebook insider. 

The employee, who left Facebook in 2018 and was later hired by Project Veritas, along with screenshots from a Facebook workstation “show the specific technical actions taken against political figures, as well as “[e]xisting strategies” taken to combat political speech,” according to Veritassuch as “deboosting” – by which the visibility of certain content is reduced algorithmically based on certain keywords.

Project Veritas spoke to a current Facebook employee off the record who said that the code could limit a video’s visibility in news feeds, remove sharing features, and disable interactive notifications. –Project Veritas

“I saw things that were going on that I personally found to be troubling.”

According to the insider, the documents revealed a routine suppression of the distribution of conservative Facebook pages. The technical action she repeatedly saw, and for which Project Veritas was provided documentation, was labeled ActionDeboostLiveDistribution. Said the insider, “I would see [this term] appear on several different conservative pages. I first noticed it with an account that I can’t remember, but I remember once I started looking at it, I also saw it on Mike Cernovich’s page, saw it on Steven Crowder’s page, as well as the Daily Caller’s page.” –Project Veritas

Conservative comedian and commentator Steven Crowder told Project Veritas that he and Facebook reached an out-of-court settlement related page suppression from April 2016. Crowder’s attorney, Bill Richmond, told Veritas:

“Louder With Crowder is investigating the…

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